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Welcome to Neil's Studio

I am pleased to present to you galleries of visual color and emotion.

 My camera allows me to express myself in creation, documentation, reflection, and beautification.

Come on in.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Photo of Neil Mercer

Neil Mercer is a photographer based in Kibbutz Tuval in the Galilee region of northern Israel. His runs a studio in which he shoots products for catalogues, packaging or presentations.

His clients range from industries and businesses in the north of Israel as well as local artists and craftspeople wishing to advertise, document and record their work. He also shoots and edits video.

In addition, Neil is an accomplished landscape photographer having exhibited in a number of individual and group exhibitions, his work adorns a number of office spaces.

In 2022, he exhibited his work in a solo exhibition “Street Sofas” at the Akko Theater.


He has developed a niche which he calls "Community Photography" which includes a comprehensive collection of photographs reflecting the mosaic of life and culture in the Galilee as well as creating a photographic record of the growth and development of his home community of Tuval over the past 34 years.


Neil shot the photographs adorning the book “The Galilean Kitchen”, written by Ruth Nieman.


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